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Tebas: LaLiga’s hope is to return on June 11 with Sevilla vs Real Betis

Marc Pablo
Marc Pablo
25 mayo, 2020

LaLiga president Javier Tebas has confirmed that Spanish football is hoping to return on June 11 with a Seville derby to restart the league.

Tebas also addressed various concerns ahead of the return and also demanded responsibility from players.

«There’s the possibility that there’s a game on June 11,» Tebas confirmed on Movistar.

«It would be just one game, with a possible tribute to those who have passed away.

«I hope it can be that date, we’d like it to be Sevilla vs Real Betis at 22:00.»

It comes after Spanish prime minister Pedro Sanchez gave the green light to return to action from June 8.

«It took us by surprise and it shows that professional football is very important in this country,» Tebas admitted.

However, Tebas was reluctant to give too many details about the timetable for the return.

«Our idea is to be able to release the first four matchday schedules this week,» he said.

«The timetable will adapt to where the game is played.

«In midweek, the games will take place in the evening and at night, while at the weekend there will be three kick-off times.»

He also criticised Sevilla players who broke lockdown rules and called for greater responsibility from players and club officials.

«The players regret it, which is positive, as the players are examples for society and should be careful with what they do,» he insisted.

«I’m calling on all players to say they can’t have these attitudes.

«You have to be careful because we are putting jobs at risk.

«In that gathering there could be someone asymptomatic and it seems they are all smoking one shisha, so they have to be responsible with what they do.

«There is total security at the facilities where they train and play, but these places and gatherings worry me.

«We have to be careful.»

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