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Spanish Footballers Association believes June 6 could be a start date for LaLiga

Although the communication is not official, the end date for the 2019/20 season would be July 30, though agreement from the Spanish Ministry of Health is needed before anything is put into stone.

The message which was given to the players indicates that they will likely return to training either on May 4 of May 11, should everything go well.

Spain’s Higher Sports Council (CSD) is beginning to look at the return of activity during the first week of May, or after the State of Emergency in the country is over, and this information has been given to some teams.

Between Monday and Tuesday, the CSD is expected to make the agreement between LaLiga and the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), which outlined the ideal conditions for the return of football.

For now, the players have two potential dates for their return to work.

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