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Spanish Football Fran Alcoy: Rodri is the most talented player I’ve coached

Marc Pablo
Marc Pablo
11 mayo, 2020

Former Talavera boss Fran Alcoy has named Rodri as the most talented player he has coached during his career.

Alcoy and Rodri crossed paths in the Villarreal academy, with the latter now starring for Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City.

«I coached Rodri when he was 12 and he might be the most talented player I’ve ever coached,» Alcoy told Radio MARCA.

«The way I saw it, if he didn’t have injuries, he was going to be a top player.

«He showed that with his daily work, in his technical ability and his intelligence.

«He was quickly able to understand all the tactical concepts and make sense of them. You didn’t have to tell him twice.

«He was a player who was two steps ahead.

«Right now, he might be the best holding midfielder in the world.»

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