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Oliver Torres’ start at Atletico: Cameras followed me, even when I was doing exams

Mamen Castilla
Mamen Castilla
6 mayo, 2020

Oliver Torres took his first steps into football at Atletico Madrid‘s academy, where he could already notice the pressure of the limelight.

The midfielder, who is currently at Sevilla, has revealed that members of the press were following him, even when he had to take his exams to get into university.

«It was… wow,» Oliver told MARCA.

«Cameras followed me, even when I was doing university access tests.

«It was a consequence of what I was doing with Spain‘s youth sides.»

Oliver also indicated that Atletico improved him both as a player and as a person.

«At Atletico there were expectations generated about a great prospect,» he added.

«I have great memories because I was a part of Atletico‘s great period.

«We won the Copa del Rey, I stayed there many seasons, and we went to the Champions League final.

«For me it’s unforgettable and I learned to improve a lot as a footballer and mentally.»

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