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Liverpool vs Atletico Madrid to be played in front of fans

Mamen Castilla
Mamen Castilla
11 marzo, 2020

UEFA have confirmed that Wednesday’s match between Liverpool and Atletico Madrid at Anfield will take place in front of both teams’ supporters.

Los Rojiblancos have informed their fans of this news, following a meeting between UEFA and the local authorities.

The Spanish government, through Atletico, contacted the National Sports Council in Spain and made a series of recommendations:

«In line with the measures adopted today by the [Spanish] government concerning the coronavirus, and specifically with regard to the request to avoid travel and the appeal to individual responsibility made by the health authorities, the National Sports Council reminds club fans of the decision taken by the government, namely movement that does not respond to undelayable reasons by Madrid-based people outside of their community is not recommended, and this affects departure to another country,» it says.

«This measure is consistent with those taken in relation to flights from Italy.

«Failure to comply with this request will be considered a decision outside the scientific evidence applicable to situations such as that suffered by Madrid, of ‘reinforced containment measures.’

«Failure to comply with this recommendation would be a considered an irresponsible decision.»


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