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LaLiga send clubs a protocol to follow when returning to training

2 abril, 2020

LaLiga have sent their clubs a rough draft of the protocol that they should follow to gradually return to training.

Football in Spain has been suspended since mid-March because of the coronavirus outbreak and won’t return until the government say it’s safe.

LaLiga‘s protocol, which was published by Cope, consists of pages of measures, which are divided into three phases.

The first phase is training alone then, once it’s safe to do so, training in groups of eight and, finally, training altogether and with a ball.

The full protocol hasn’t been sent to every club yet and it will include tests of COVID-19 for all the players, coaches and family members.

These tests will be carried out 72 hours before clubs return to full training, with a further 15 days of workouts before matches restart.

Clubs will be able to follow the protocol to return to work safely in the hope of completing the current season.

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