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Gaitan: Things didn’t work out at Atletico Madrid because I didn’t play

Mamen Castilla
Mamen Castilla
26 agosto, 2020

Former Atletico Madrid winger Nico Gaitan believes that a lack of game time is why he failed to leave a lasting impression at the club.

The Argentine, who has just signed for Braga, expressed that his stint in the Spanish capital was not aided by being in and out of the line-up.

«It clearly didn’t go to plan; things didn’t work out well,» Gaitan told the Portuguese newspaper Record.

«After a while, I realised that it wasn’t the best option.

«I didn’t even play three games in a row.

«And if a player doesn’t get to play three games in a row… Maybe the team didn’t think I was up to the task or didn’t rate the way I played.

«After that, I was self-deprecating for a long time, I finally realised that if I never played three games on the trot, how could I know if I could have succeeded at Atletico or not.

«Things didn’t work out at Atletico because I didn’t play.»

Adaptation could have played a key part in Gaitan’s unsuccessful move to Atletico too, as the player was accustomed to being a key player for Benfica prior to his move.

«I couldn’t adapt myself; one thing is to train but it’s another is to play,» he said.

«I wasn’t used to playing just 10 or 15 minutes. Some people can completely change a game in 10 minutes, I needed more time to take control of the game.»

Despite this, Gaitan had nothing but kind words to say about Diego Simeone.

«Regarding the team, he is a coach that knows how to lead and that is why he has players on that pitch who would die for him,» he explained.

«His way of speaking about football makes the players begin to feel that adrenaline rush and I learnt a lot when I was there, even when I didn’t play.

«Despite not playing as much as I had liked, I was happy at Atletico because we had a good group of teammates who were strong, and many came from Uruguay or Argentina.»

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